Saturday, March 25, 2006

Missing your mail,Norman

now I have seen "Swiss watching your.."

at second,but it was lost for checking out mails,

because that mail box is small and spamful: わはは

  So, Mr.Norman

german spirits :ゲルマンの勇者よ

 you must ,I hope your mail once again, please.

GoodBike !! You are good ,

sorry I didn't campa nothing ,as you're rich.ははは、すまぬ。

Thanks. See Again. Send me the same mail.


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aryo said...


I am this blog writer ,aryo.

I got the same mail ,

it is "Swiss watches Reprica (レプリカ)”.

So,it was not that Great German Spirit who I had met at October 2001 in Japan.

Thanks ,and
I don't know

this new kind comment of College guidence.

I will study Educational Institude and so on Systems all over the world.

Good Bike.

You College People are very good.